Yakult Review 2021 (Is Yakult Healthy?)

Yakult Review 2021 (Is Yakult Healthy?)

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As people are getting more health-conscious day by day to increase their immunity and make themselves fit, people are getting more into the probiotics category, and they are right in doing so as much research has shown that probiotics are good for your body. If you knew about probiotics you’ve pretty much heard about Yakult Danone.

Yakult Danone India Pvt. Ltd is a joint venture between the Honsha group and supplies the Yakult drink in India. It is one of the most trending probiotic drink there is in the market and has taken the market by storm. It is known that Yakult has 6.5 billion beneficial bacteria per bottle which helps in digestion, reduces the burning sensations, and increases your Immunity.

Lactobacillus casei strain (LCS) (also called the “Shirota strain”) is the probiotic used in Yakult and is approximately 6.5 million of them per bottle, is sweet in taste and easy to use packaging.

But the main problem we overlook in the Yakult is the sugar content and most of us will not think that it contains that much sugar but it does. If you are conscious about your weight or trying to lose weight, you would know the struggle to limit the daily sugar intake and when you are drinking this you will drink a load of sugar at one go.

The company sells two versions of its product, 1st one is the red standard Yakult drink and 2nd one is the light version in blue which considerably has fewer calories and sugar and markets for the health-conscious peoples.

Now look at the nutritional composition in both of the versions:

Standard Red Yakult (1 serving 65 ml)
Energy50 kcal
Added Sugar10g

Nutritional composition for the blue variant is as follows:

Blue Yakult Light (1 serving 65 ml)
Energy24 kcal
Added Sugar3g
Vitamin D3 mcg
Pectin60 mg
Steviol Glycoside16 mg
Vitamin E3 mg 
Total Fat< 0.1 gm

As you can see by comparing both of the variants there is a huge difference between their sugar content, not to mention both of the variants also contain artificial sweeteners and flavors. If you are drinking this first thing in the morning and you are suffering from any health conditions, I would prefer you to not drink this if you have any medical conditions.

But drinking good bacteria(Probiotics) is very good for the intestines and the body but drink in a plastic bottle with artificial sweeteners and loads of sugar is not the best choice

For health-conscious people, I would prefer you to drink the light version but not regularly while maintaining how much sugar you should consume as it contains less sugar but also has vitamins D and E.

There are loads of other natural fermented healthy foods that you can eat to consume probiotics. Items like greek yogurt, yogurt, kimchi, miso, Sauerkraurt are much better options in comparison to Yakult.

If you drink Yakult that’s fine but drink it in moderation and always limit the sugar you consume.

Yakult’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is It OK To Drink Yakult Every Day?

Yes, It is perfectly fine to drink Yakult every day, but you should be healthy and not have medical problems that limit the intake of sugar. If you have medical conditions or health-conscious to not eat additional sugar you can opt to eat kimchi, yogurt etc.

2.  Is Yakult Scientifically Proven?

Yes, Yakult is scientifically proven that Yakult helps in digestion and increase immunity

3. Can Yakult Upset Your Stomach?

Yes, it can happen to a small portion of people who are allergic to yeast, dairy, etc. So make sure you’re not allergic to these. If you’re allergic to these it can cause abdominal pain, headaches, and ultimately upset your stomach.

4.Why Is Yakult Bad?

Yakult is bad mainly because of its sugar content with the addition of additional sweeteners which makes it high in sugar. To put in context Yakult light has approximately 1 teaspoon of sugar and standard Yakult has 2 tablespoon of sugar which is bad if you’re eating unhealthy all day without exercising.

5. Can Lactose Intolerant People Drink Yakult?

No, It is a fermented dairy product so it has lactose in it. If you had accidentally drunk it, reach out to the doctor

6.Is Yakult Healthy?

Yes, it is healthy and good for health, as it has Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota (LcS) which is good for digestion and immunity. Yakult is very healthy for people who have digestive problems.

7. Which Is Healthier Yakult Or Yogurt?

If we look from the natural fermented side of it yogurt is better but for active probiotics, Yakult is better also.

8. Is Yakult Healthy For Pregnant Women

Yes, It is safe to drink during pregnancy as it often can help in reducing digestion pain.


This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.

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