BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator

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What is BMI Calculator?

Body Mass Index is known as BMI is obtained from the weight and height of a person. To put in simply you can calculate it by weight (Body Mass) is divided by the square of body height. It is always expressed globally in the units of kg/m2.

The BMI was first created by Mr. Lambert Adolphe Jacques Quetelet in the 19th century who now called the father of BMI.
According to the CDC, for calculating the BMI formula you have to do the following:

BMI= weight (kg) / [height (m)]2

Looks difficult Right! that’s why we are calculating your BMI for free with our scientifically designed accurate BMI calculator with which you can calculate your BMI within Seconds. Scroll below and check your BMI.

How to Calculate your BMI using this BMI Calculator?

There are 5 steps to calculate your BMI using this BMI calculator in Seconds!

  1. Mention your Gender, whether you are a boy or a girl click on the pictures accordingly.
  2. Specify how old you are for accurate measuring.
  3. Type your Height in centimeters.
  4. Type in your current weight.
  5. Click on Calculate your BMI and your BMI will be generated.

BMI Calculator

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Categories of BMI

Categories of BMI Calculator levels
Underweight0.0 – 19.0

Healthy Weight

19.1 – 24.0
Overweight24.1 – 29.0
Obese29.1 – 38.9

Morbidly Obese

39.0 +

BMI Chart

Below are high fiber food charts, based on information provided from the CDC DHHS

AGEPercent of obesity
Men BMI Chart
20 years and over (total)
20–29 years
30–39 years
40–49 years
50–59 years
60–69 years
70–79 years
80 years and over
AGEWomen BMI Chart
20 years and over (total)
20–29 years
30–39 years
40–49 years
50–59 years
60–69 years
70–79 years
80 years and over

How to Improve your BMI

  • Physical Activities:
    Daily physical activities are very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle which will eventually lead you to a healthier BMI.

  • Lower your fat and sugar intake:
    If you are new to Weight loss start by measuring your daily fat and sugar intake and you’ll be surprised how much you were eating before. Limit your food, set goals and surely you will achieve it.

  • Sleep Minimum 6-8 Hours:
    When you are working out, you need proper time rest your body and sleep is perfect for that. Sleep is directly related to your health so always ensure you take an adequate amount of sleep or take some power naps throughout the day.

  • If you have a budget constraint, choose healthy alternatives:
    Often people have a budget constraint so they will buy cheap unhealthy food. Try to make healthy food a part of your life and buy fresh fruits and vegetables from local sellers, It will be much affordable.

  • Restrict Emotional Eating:
    The study has shown that obese people are more likely to do Emotional eating. try to restrict to eat food when you are feeling sad, happy, or bored.

Is BMI Still Relevant?

This has always been a hot topic of whether BMI is still relevant or not?
In my opinion, BMI is still relevant and important because it is one of the simpler methods to calculate whether someone is obese or not. Sure, It only takes weight and height into account for calculating BMI but we can calculate various types of diseases with just these two factors like the higher the BMI, the higher chance you have of health disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, breathing problems and several cancers. So don’t take any risk and calculate your BMI using the BMI Calculator tool provided above, which is fast and free.

Can BMI Help me Detect all of my Diseases?

NO, BMI only takes into account weight and height. to detect if you have any disease or not, you can take the full-body checkup from Medlife. For your Ease I have put the link for the full-body tests which are accurately lab tested which means there will be no errors and you will be given the following benefits and many more:

  • Free sample collection from home as per your convenience
  • Certified Phlebotomist for sample collection
  • Receive e-report within 24-48 Hours

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.

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